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Glossy Box

Glossy box offers customers a monthly subscription to a bespoke box of 5-6 luxury cosmetic and wellness samples. With the head office based in Victoria, Glossybox has been working with Ecovis Wingrave Yeats for a number of years.

Glossy Box has their own finance function consisting of software recommended and implemented by Ecovis. Although everything is processed in-house we are still in regular contact and a strong relationship still remains. We provide on-going support to the Glossy Box finance team and will often suggest new modules within the finance system that will make processes less manual.


“We operate an internal finance function but work with the Ecovis Online Support team who have been really helpful when we have questions or need advice. We are regularly in contact and they often suggest or help us implement new functions in our online accounts system to make things easier.”

Alexandra Sykes
Financial Controller
Glossy Box UK & Ireland

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