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The Bianco Group is a chain of authentic Italian restaurants located in South East and Central London.

As a group (comprised on 4 separate sites) they were keen to outsource their finance function in order to improve accuracy and efficiency in their financial reporting. It proved an easy decision for Bianco, in the week following a demonstration of Ecovis Online’s capabilities they decided to sign up.

The set-up was a fast paced project with data from all 4 restaurant sites needing to be migrated. With some dedication from both parties we were able to process this information in 4 days. All suppliers were informed of the now automated process meaning that all invoices are sent directly into the Ecovis Online system.

As part of business as usual weekly reports for the 4 sites were created and now run automatically. This means that Bianco can quickly and efficiently make key business decisions with up to date information.

In the process of bringing the accounts up to date and implementing the new workflows we reviewed their tax reporting and after appealing to HMRC we managed to reclaim approximately £45,000 of tax on Bianco’s behalf.

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