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Purchase Control

PurchaseControl is a global online procurement management software solution that currently handles more than $10 billion in transactions per year for client companies.
PurchaseControl saves time and money through automation of the expenditure process. Some of the features include:  Purchasing Approval Routing, Supplier Approval Routing, Price Controls, User Transaction Limits, Departmental Spending Limits and three-way matching (Orders-to-Receiving-to Accounts Payable).

Flexible setup options allow clients to customize the entire process. For example, customizable User Roles makes certain access and visibility is appropriate for each user in the system.

PurchaseControl provides instant reporting and search visibility across a range of combinable criteria. Reports can be generated by Supplier, Department, User, Item, Date Range, Order Status, Receiving and Accounts Payable. Management can then use the detail gathered in the reports to further control expenditure and costs.
PurchaseControl integrates with Twinfield, Basecone, Xero, Sage 50, Sage 200 and QuickBooks.

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